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1 year ago @ 11:36AM

Lower Moreland Athletics Return To Play Plan

It is with great pleasure that I share with you our board approved plan for our return to athletics at Lower Moreland High School. The document is about 9 pages long, and is very in-depth.

I ask that you please read this over with our student athlete(s). We must work together in this process, especially in regards to maintaining safe guidelines, as we return to playing sports during the summer months. Please read this email in its entirety to ensure you are informed.

Return To Play Document

The plan is set to begin on July 6th, and the following must be completed prior to any off-season participation. Here are some key notes to take away from the document:

1. In order to participate in organized off season workouts, you must register for FamilyID for Fall 2020. You do not have to upload a physical at that point, but you must register, so that our coaches and I have important information.

2. There is a Waiver Form embedded in the document, that must be signed and submitted to the coach prior to the first workout only. This waiver may move onto our FamilyID platform as the fall 2020 season gets closer. If it does, you will receive an email from me to go back in and sign that additional waiver via FamilyID. This has not happened yet though. 

3. Prior to attending any off-season workout that is organized by our coaches, you must complete the pre-participation screening sheet. The actual sheet is embedded in the RTP document, however that WILL MOVE TO A GOOGLE FORM, which will need to be filled out prior to that days workout. Coaches will push this information out to parents/athletes in the coming days. 

It is important that you answer these questions as HONESTLY AS YOU CAN. No workout is worth compromising your own child's health, but also the health of others. We are asking that you take your temperature at home prior to attending, therefore if it is a higher temperature, your child should not have arrived on campus. If you do not have a thermometer, we will have a contact less one on site, where a coach will administer the temperature check. 

4. There is a third document embedded in the RTP plan. This covers the symptoms, what do if you are sick, when there may be a return to play, and finally educational pieces of avoiding COVID-19. Below are two educational posters to review. 

Poster 1

Poster 2

There is a risk as we approach getting back into sports, not only here at Lower Moreland, but at all of our neighboring districts. I am working with our coaches prior to any off-season workouts to educate them on a number of safety procedures. I meet with the ADs of the Suburban One League weekly to discuss what our neighboring schools are all doing in regards to keeping all of our athletes safe. 

Coaches will be communicating some of this information to our student athletes shortly. I will also be working with Mrs. Galdo to have this plan uploaded onto our district and it will be posted on our athletics websites. I will also be working with Mrs. Galdo and our coaches to take online COVID-19 courses prior to participating this summer. If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to reach out via email. 

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